Using Smile over SMS

Getting Register

To Get Register on sMiLe simply type REG space Your desired ID/Name & Send it on 8333. Example: REG Sara321

Sending Updates

To send a public update via SMS type STATUS space Your Message
OR to send a private update type STATUSP space Your Message & send it on 8333
To share someone's update simply send SHARE Update code,

Commenting On Updates

You will find an update code at the end of every update sms, its like something cXXX, type that code space your message & send it on 8333. Example: C1 Hi, how you doing? To stop follow up comments of an update simply sms STOPFC space Update code If you wish not to receive follow up comments, do add @NOF after update code like C1 @NOF Hello, I'm pretty much busy, will catch you later :)

Adding/Finding Friends

To add someone as friends over SMS simply type ADD space Someone's ID & send it on 8333 Example: ADD Sara321 To find people from your city send NEARBY Or Send LAP for Last Active People on 8333 You can get connected with your real life friends on Smile by inviting them on Smile, simply sms INVITE space Friends Numbers separated by comma or space, Example: INVITE 03211234567,03451234567,03001234567,03331234567 You can also use our Easy code, its a kind of special SMS & whoever forward that message on 8333 will get connected with you, to get that message, simply Send ECODE on 8333


To set privacy on private messaging sms SETPM on 8333
To set privacy on friend requests sms SETFR on 8333
To set privacy on profiles sms SETPR on 8333
To set privacy on listeners sms SETLSN on 8333
To change your name/age/gender sms EDIT on 8333
To update city sms CITY on 8333
To change your ID/Screen name sms CHANGEID space New one on 8333
To write something in your profiles about yourself sms ABOUTME space Your Message on 8333

More Help

You can Send H on 8333 & you will start getting all the helpful tutorial via SMS within an hour! You can also read from option to option sms HELP
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