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SHeHzaDa AMiR (Aamirr)
Last seen 13 Day(s) Ago
Male 25 years old,Lahore, Punjab
Education at: COMSATS Institute (Islamabad)
Dreams are like stars you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny......
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Shehzada Amir @Aamirr

انہیں تو عرش میں محبوب کو بلانا تھا...
طلب تھی دید کی معراج کا بہانہ تھا...

1580 Day(s) ago: Mobile
Shehzada Amir @Aamirr

Which team will win the ACC Asia cup 2018?
Pakistan 10 Vote(s)91%
India 0 Vote(s)0%
Sri Lanka 0 Vote(s)0%
Bangladesh 1 Vote(s)10%
Afganistan 0 Vote(s)0%

1680 Day(s) ago: Android
Shehzada Amir @Aamirr via Queen Aliza @Leezay

Happy birthday Shehzada Amir ❤️❤️❤️

1680 Day(s) ago: Android
Shehzada Amir @Aamirr

Wishing you a year filled with new hopes, joys and beginning... Learn from yesterday,live for today and hope for tomorrow. Happy New Year...
1683 Day(s) ago: Android
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