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Tauruss @Tauruss

415 Day(s) ago: Mobile
A_b_baloch @A-b-baloch

Us Shaks Se Faqat Itna Sa Ta'alluq Hai,,


Wo Pareshaaan Ho To Neend Humy Nahi Aati..!!$:09$:$:09$:

1123 Day(s) ago: Android
Jauharabad @Jauharabad

.+"iShQ k0 SuLi PaY LaTka K"+.

.*"DiL BoLa Ab SaKoun MiLa"+.

1221 Day(s) ago: SMS
Attari @A313

Solve simple mistakes early
before it leads to big problem
we always slip from small stones
Not from a mountain

Care friend
1657 Day(s) ago: SMS
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