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Shabbir Ali Shah @Nasamaj

Smile, it's free therapy.

-Douglas Horton

298 Day(s) ago: Web
Muhammad Altaf @Altaf275

#Quote Today

351 Day(s) ago: Mobile
Sumayya @Azeem012345

825 Day(s) ago: SMS

Aurat Ager Bedar HoJaye To
Firoun K Ghar Me Moosa (A.S) Ko Paal Sakti Hai
Ager Bhatak Jaye To
Tofan-e-Nooh (A.S) Me Doob Jati Hai
Jaise me hon. haha
866 Day(s) ago: SMS
Shafique Ahmed @Wordsplayer

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them

#quote #pakistan
941 Day(s) ago: SMS
Me @Musafat

Help others wherever you are...

Allah will help you wherever you are...

1014 Day(s) ago: Android
Fozia Naz @Fozia.naz

Apni kharabion ko pashpot dal kar

Har shakhs keh raha hai zamana kharab hai
Assalam u alaikum
1066 Day(s) ago: Mobile
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