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Rose @Newrose

25th of #February is my #wedding #anniversary ,
I'm hopping to receive lots of #wishes packs,
:D =D
Good night
No, Na , Nahi
2836 Day(s) ago: SMS
Gul @Mehak.gul

On my way to#Buner.Going there to attend marriage ceremony of my friend, Nabeela, whch wil come off tomorrow ;)
Expecting lots of fun & merriments :P
Feeling Excited ;D
2892 Day(s) ago: SMS
Sonia @Sonia95

A one line advertizement by a Married
man in a newzpaper.

For Sale: #Wedding Suit, Wear only once
by Mistake.
2920 Day(s) ago: Mobile
Haris Ali @Scent

Attending A Mehndi Ceremony... Enjoyable moments...
2942 Day(s) ago: SMS
Uroosa Kabir @Uroosa.65

#wedding in our neighbours...
Na pochay kya baisura #pashtomusic lga hua hy..
pa zro rala sam su chal kai :-p
2945 Day(s) ago: SMS
Science @Discover

>Over 6mg of Gold are Lost every year from #Wedding Ring Just by Wearing it

>Our Bodies contains about 0.2mg of Gold, Most of it in our #Blood

3142 Day(s) ago: SMS
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