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AhsoN. (RuDeKhAN)
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Ahson. @Rudekhan

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1227 Day(s) ago: Web
Ahson. @Rudekhan

Kbhi aa kr unhain ‪#‎shafaaf‬ kr de
Teree ‪#‎wadon‬ pe mattti ‪#‎jam‬ gi hai :*

#Poet #Fun
1509 Day(s) ago: Web
Ahson. @Rudekhan

wooahh Great Work bRo <3 #Shehzadkhan Keep going :* Logiin Page Looking AwwwFully ;)
And CongrAts tO AwLl #MC tEam :) :* <3
1590 Day(s) ago: Web
Ahson. @Rudekhan

Happy bîirthdÂy tŌ mÉ''' Haha
#HBD #DekhBhai

:-D B-)
1693 Day(s) ago: Mobile
Ahson. @Rudekhan

In OUr City Congratulation To Pml (N) And Better luck next time PTI <3 :*
IN Masehra Again Congratulation to Pml (N) PTi <3 Don't Lose Hopes. :*
And Abbottabad City Congratulation to PmL (N). <3 Bad Luck PTi <3 :*

#PTI #PML (N) #PAT #Help
1727 Day(s) ago: Web
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